Student life


A birthday party for all students

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One day in May, sixth grade student S-kun picked up a decoration for a birthday party and began to make a cupcake. He always greeted his friends coming to school and liked to do favors for them, such as preparing their favorite goodies and enjoying music with them. When S-kun finished making his best mini-onigiri (a small rice ball), his classmate M-kun came to S with a his most favorite big picture story book.

Y-san and T-san came there and read the book with M together. M gave a choreographed performance on his favorite phrase in the story in amusing way and S did the same performance too. Everyone had a good time. It was not any person’s birthday but an ordinary day. However all of us enjoyed the special occasion to have excellent food and sing “Happy birthday”!

Drama group of Aiku played “The Lion King”


lion3 lion1

The staff of the school performed the musical of “The Lion King” last year, requested by the children. This year we revised the story to have more cast. It took 30 minutes longer and was even more exciting than the previous performance.
Children loved the dances, the songs and the story. After the performance, they enjoyed an afterglow from the performance by dancing and climbing the stage set with the cast members.



A bazar was held on a sunny day and was crowded with many guests. Children bought goods with their allowance and school graduates played an active role serving coffee at the refreshment corner.
We would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who provided the goods and visited the school on that special day.