Giving to us


The Aiku Yogo School would like to ask donations in order to enrich school and sustain the school management.

We also welcome a donation for goods, could you please contact us through email?

Guidance for the membership of society for the support of Aiiku Yogo School

1, Application for supporter

  1. Both a corporation and an individual can apply for the supporting program for Aiiku Yogo School.
  2. Please transfer your donation to the following bank account.
Aiiku Yogo School
Address: 5-6-8 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047
Tel: 03-3473-8319 Fax: 03-3473-8474
Bank account : Mizuho Bank Hiroo Branch
Deposit account No. 1791323

2, Contribution

You can voluntarily decide how much to contribute to Aiiku Yogo School.

3, Tax deduction for contribution

  1. When you present your contribution to the School, we issue a receipt to you.
  2. As Aiiku Yogo School is officially authorized as special public good benefit organization, your corporation may receive a tax deduction of the entire amount, separately from other general contribution.

For details please contact us through the e-mail